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Every child is born with some ingenious quality. As parents, you just need to polish and fine tune that skill. Let children solve problems on their own, and as parents, you too can sit with them and work out materials side by side. Through quiz sessions, story sessions, music lessons and by ensuring that your child participates in different creative games such as building blocks, scrabble, dumb charades etc you can ensure that your child hones his/her creative skills.

As parents, you can always instill creative skills in your children by helping them to count, sort, explore and experiment individually. Children's imaginative power can be honed with puzzles and games made specifically for them. Make them spend time with concrete materials so that they can understand abstract concepts such as numbers, signs and symbols, shapes and relationships. Don't make learning a boring task - rather make it fun for them. It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your children enjoy learning!


Read stories to your child at any time of the day which is convenient to you. It needs not be necessarily before bedtime only. Ask him/her questions about what you read, to see whether he is paying attention or not. Questioning children in a sense helps to develop listening skills, absorbing power and at the same time helps to inculcate in him/her the power to reason. Make reading a habit and when your children grow up; fix a reading session with your kid every day to make it all the more interesting and fun-filled.


Building blocks are yet another fantastic game that will help your child develop independence and individuality. Apart from that there are various other creative educational games out in the market which can help the kids learn coordination and planning, increase their general knowledge and develop their ability to communicate and be responsible. Parents can always buy these educational fun games and make learning an enjoyable affair for their children.



Some other techniques you can adapt to enhance your a child's personality are -


• Drawing figures of animals or birds and making them guess the correct animal or bird's name


• Play let's draw each other - you can have a lot of fun in this game and at the same time this interaction helps you to come close to your child.


• Identify the object by sound - this helps the child to improve his listening power and at the same time teaches him/her to be alert.


• Tell A Story - You start a story and let him/her finish it. This improves not only the child's communication skills but at the same time enhances his/her imagination as well.


The Robert Winsor Institute is an institution located in Irvine, which specializes in developing acting and personal improvement skills in children. Owned by Robert Winsor, a British born American citizen, and two other industry professionals, (producers/ directors), the Institute has been in business for sixteen years. With location in Irvine and Santa Barbara, The RWI institute will soon be opening other locations In Los Angeles and Pasadena. You can contact the Robert Winsor Institute, at 949-679-3406.


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