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On stage and in front of a camera an actor has to be able to move according to his character, therefore intense physical training is needed so the actor can perform any movement the director asks for. Especially with action movies being so popular it is good for any actor to get ready for intense physical stuff so he has a good chance getting these parts. The same counts for visual aspects. It is easy for a well-trained actor to look like a lazy overweight lowlife while it is really hard for an overweight actor to portrait a well-trained athlete.


When the audience believes that they observe a real person instead of an actor pretending to be someone else than the miracle of acting happens and the audience can feel the emotions the actor displays on the screen or on stage. To do that the actor has to be willing to take the biggest risk of all and open up completely all the faucets of emotion and feeling he has.


In fact the actors’ emotions have to be explored deeper and deeper so that he is able to trigger any emotion without hesitation because he explored it in all its details and is therefore not afraid to tap into it.

It is this knowledge of the emotional world that enables the actor to show truth in a way that the audience has no other choice than feeling the same emotions portrayed on screen.


To learn this actor must have a coach or mentor that helps him explore these emotional worlds in a way that will be different for every single actor. The Robert Winsor Institute Acting Classes is the name in the acting world of best mentors when it comes to child acting.


A general approach in acting class is only possible for technical skills such as voice work or bodywork although even in these areas the actor must always be seen individually as in some cases new approaches have to be found to develop specific openings in specific actors.


We love actors that are different, that stick out, and that have something special about them. Yet in acting class we seem to have a complete different outcome and try to standardize actors so they all look the same and talk the same and follow the same technique. Actors must understand that following the crowd is something you can do in a football stadium but not in an acting career. In fact the more you do different than the huge amount of actors out there the more chances you have to stick out and make it in this business where competition seems so massive. In reality there is not much serious competition because most actors are just waiting for a job instead of pursuing a career. That's why most of them are waiters. They are literally "waiting" (tables).


In group acting class it is very important to bring out the individual strength of the actors so they can also experience the magic of the ensemble. As in a film where every role has a different task and is an important part of the whole stories the actor has to fulfill a specific part in acting class. As in life, we all have different parts to play.


As acting is not a craft like carpenter there are no exact skills or techniques. There are many so called acting techniques but none of them is really specific enough to enable an average person to become an actor just by following the manual. It is always a long journey of trial and error and figuring things out. The main task is to work on material on an ongoing basis, rehearsing roles, developing characters, working on speech and movement. An actor has to be able to do whatever it takes to fit into the character. There is more work to do than just memorizing lines and hoping ideas will come up on set. In most movies we show a couple of days in the life of a character, yet the actors job is to design the complete life of that character so the audience sees a complete person instead of just a glimpse of a person. The character needs a history, a life, past relationships, mistakes, challenges, things that are secret and things that he or she wishes for. The broader we paint that picture the better it is. The actor has to be willing to dive into the life of that character with all he got, merging his soul with the soul of the character to create a masterful performance.


So the journey of acting never stops as every new role, every new character has new challenges ready for the actor. It is an ongoing process of growth and improvement and therefore a wonderful thing to pursue, a life full of miracles if you are ready to dig deep and work as much as possible on yourself and the character.


Acting will change your life and make it even more worth living.


The Robert Winsor Institute specializes in developing acting and personal improvement skills in children. The RW Institute is a team of top entertainment industry teaching professionals providing valuable insider tips and services to empower your craft and career!

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