How do you know if your child has acting talent?

Okay, you have this super cute child whom everyone is forced to hug and cuddle just because oh-he's-cho-chweet and you're wondering if he might be the next generation hero material! There can be a possibility that your child has everything he needs to be the next super star. On the other hand, maybe he is camera shy and does not like attention at all. While there is no way you could be planning his career at a stage where he cannot even speak, you definitely can look for some acting talent in your baby. Here are a few tips suggested by our experts at The Robert Winsor Institute Acting Classes you must know.

Does he love gazing in the mirror?


If the answer to this question is yes, maybe your child considers himself attractive, is bemused at the thought of looking at another child who seems to be doing whatever he does, is in deep thought (yes, kids do ponder about stuff), or is just gazing into the mirror. However, experts say that most accomplished actors are known to be gazing at themselves a lot when they were babies. Thus, your child too, could be a future superstar.


Does he love making voices and dancing around?


An over active child who is happy and swings his hands and legs about can also mean he has acting talent. If he loves mimicking you, then that is a surefire sign of your baby having acting talent. If you find your child closely looking at you, and then doing whatever you do, that too, is a sign of acting talent.


Does your child love posing for photos?


If your baby loves posing for photos and gives adorable expressions always, then that is a sure sign of acting and modeling talent. Keep exposing your child to the camera and watch out if your child tilts his head to one side, laughs at photos, and others. If your child is a camera hog, you definitely must make a beeline to ask modeling agencies to cast your baby in a couple of ads.


Sometimes, it is just too early to gauge if your child has acting talent or not. So, if you feel your baby is very cute, all you have to do is sign him up for modeling agencies and watch if they cast him in a few ads. Let your child decide whether he wants to act or not at a later stage in life.


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